6 Basic Tips for an Organized Home

A clean and organized home is just what we need to start a day right!

1. Hang Pans and Utensils in the Kitchen

utensils hang in kitchen

Stop wasting valuable space and start hanging pots, pans, and utensils. You can install small hooks on the sides of your cabinet’s exterior. Lessen the clutter and make things look more organized.

2. Install Sturdy Overhead Racks in Your Garage

rack in garage with tools

With all the various tools, materials, equipment – it may be a hard time to keep things looking tidy and making space in the garage. Overhead racks are your answer for an organized home!

3. Combine Clutter With Pretty

books and flower vase on black table

We always have this spot where we drop things unconsciously until they become a clutter. Add a pretty accent to it – like a flower vase, table runner, and such.

4. One in One Out Rule

clothes-in -cabinet

This shouldn’t just be taught to kids. When you buy new things, let’s say a new shirt, look for old clothes you rarely use and toss it in the donation box.

5. Drawer Under the Bed


There’s a lot of space under your bed that can be put to good use. Get drawer from an old cabinet or simply have one installed underneath.

6. Bedsheet During Playtime

toys and baby on bed

If you have kids and it’s their playtime, lay a blanket on they play area floor and stack all their toys there. Once playtime is over, simply bring all ends of the blanket together and dump all of the toys in the toy bin.