6 Affordable Bathroom Renovation Tips

affordable bathroom renovation tips

Have you purchased a new house or apartment? Or do you just want to change designs or colorways in your home? Do you need to renovate your bathroom because it has degraded? Or maybe renovation is just your thing? If you are one of the stated above and on a budget, this article is for you.

Our bathroom, one of the best rooms in our house (for most). Because this is where have a hot shower, where we get in a bathtub with rose petals, scented candle, and a glass of wine, and where we do most of our personal necessities.

But of course, all of us have our own taste in designs. Just like when it comes to our rooms, if you’re more of a minimalist, you would have an all-white room with a small houseplant, and an organized table or shelf. And if you’re more of a fan-person of some famous band, game, artist, or movie, you would have a lot of posters, figures, or designs related to them.

Eventually, the time will come that you will want to renovate your bathroom, maybe give it a better design, or a better quality. And if this had met you, this article is for you. Below are some budget-friendly tips for renovating your bathroom.

Think ahead

Make sure to always think ahead of time. Before anything else, make sure you have a plan to start with. What materials you will use, who will you hire, where you will buy the materials needed, and when you will start renovating. If you don’t have a plan, things might get sketchy. Problems may occur. So make sure to always have a plan before starting.

Keep DIY in mind

If you are an experienced do-it-yourselfer, budget-friendly tasks would be a lot easier for you. Most of the time, if it’s a do it yourself task, it is a budget-friendly task too. That is why you should always consider doing it yourself. There are some tasks in renovating your bathroom that you yourself could do. Just make sure to do some research before doing it so you have the right knowledge about the task.

Avoid problems

Avoid having problems as you are renovating. For example, don’t touch your pipes or any drainage system when renovating especially if you don’t know what you’re doing and don’t have the right plumbing tools in hand. If you need pipes to be moved, make sure to hire a plumber. If a problem happens, there would be another expense.

Buy at a surplus store

When it’s time to purchase decorations, items, or other types of equipment for your bathroom, make sure to go to a surplus shop first. In a surplus store, you would be able to find items of a high quality and a cheap price.

Redoing is a must

Before purchasing a new item to replace an item, inspect first if you can redo it. And if it is possible to redo it, then do it. If your practice this, it would become your hobby and once it becomes your hobby, you would be saving a lot of money.

Don’t waste money on tiles

Tiles can be expensive, and what makes it more expensive is hiring a person to place the tiles. Instead of tiles, just use paint as an alternative. The only important part of a bathroom that needs tiles is the floor. You don’t need to put tiles in the walls.

7 Amazing Benefits of Having a Clean Home

girl with bunny slippers sitting on a sofa at home

Are you familiar with that feeling from getting back home from work, seeing the clean and neatly organized furniture, newly washed sheets, fresh indoor air, and such? Ooohhh… that satisfying feeling that instantly puts us in a good mood.

We, of course, would want this every single day. Unfortunately, with all the other errands and work we need to get done, we tend to forget to keep our home clean. But do you know, there’s a lot more to it than just being a clean home and giving us that satisfying feeling — there are other benefits you can get! And this might just push you to put an extra effort to squeeze in keeping your home clean no matter how busy your day is.

Increased Immune Health

Keep your family feeling good and healthy by eliminating dust, mold, bacteria, etc, in your home. A dirty home can contain all these stuff that causes colds, viruses, and may even spread dangerous bacteria. Regular cleaning can help a lot in keeping you and your family away from sickness.


Knowing that you’ve done something productive, plus seeing the lovely results, can extremely boost up your energy and make you feel happy! There’s nothing like the feeling of accomplishing something that you can sit back, look at it, and admire.

Promotes calmness

Having a dirty and disorganized home has no difference with the chaotic outside world. Our home is the place where we should be able to relax at. Coming home to a clean and tidy space will bring you calmness, peace, and tranquility – leaving all the noise and chaos outside of your home.

Lessen Allergies

A number of us have allergies, and n=some major causes are allergens from dust, molds, and such. Regular vacuuming and sweeping will help you get rid, or at least minimize those allergens. A clean hoe promotes fresh indoor air!

Get you some Exercise!

Get moving and get your blood flowing in a good way! A Lot of body movement is required when you clean your home -from mopping, vacuuming, lifting furniture, sweeping, and more! To make it more fun, add your favorite tune as your background music to keep the good mood!


One thing that can stress us out is having to look for simple things at the last minute and when you’re running late! Having a clean home come with it being organized. You would know where specific things are kept – saving you from future hassles!

Loving Guests!

Have you experienced feeling embarrassed having guests over because of the scattered toys of your children, or a pile of various books in your center table, and the likes? Well, you are not alone. Having a clean home means you are ready for any unexpected visits! This won’t require you to be piling up all the mess in a cabinet within a minute before opening the door for your guests!

Ways to Design a Sports Themed Home

A big Fan of Sports? Why not bring your interest into your home and keep the spirit riding high! Dress your home to your liking! It may be your room, your kid’s room, a certain part of the house like the media room, or the whole house having a hint of Sports.

sports themed room

Have one specific sport as much as possible

There are a LOT of sports we can be fans of. But try picking one that really sticks to you and your heart – in this way we won’t clutter our home with sports memorabilia, team flags of different kinds, posters and more.

Now start getting your baseball bats, baseballs, Gloves or such and consider displaying them too in the room for a much realistic feel.

Pick a Team

This is one major thing, too. A sport has many teams and we always have that ONE team we’ve always been a BIG Fan of. And I’m sure, once you’re a Fan, you will be familiar with their memorabilia, and such. Start collecting things connected to that one team.

Consider Vintage Athletics

Sports have been present for a long long time now. You will be able to buy and gather some memorabilia that are from way back. A great find would be an old ticket to one of the vintage games! A touch of vintage in a home will always give that comforting, subtle feel.

Have a Sporty Feel at your Door!

You can add a Sport-Related Door Hanger, welcoming guests. Maybe a Baseball or Basketball themed? You can also put some signages with famous lines from your player that are welcoming or encouraging!

Dress your Stairs

Yes! You can add some Sport related signages, posters, stickers to each of your stair Riser which will give an Awesome look – it would also make that plain, boring stairs have some statement and stand out!

Have a Sporty Touch in your Living Room

How? With sports themed throw pillows! A plain Sofa with plain throw pillows may look too boring sometimes. Throw in some fun with throw pillows having the design of a number of your favorite layer, their logo, some printed quotes from the players, and a lot more relating to that one sport and team! Make sure to keep it uniform and complimenting with each other.


Yes! “Gym” Lockers.The ones our favorite players use. This is great, especially for a kid’s room. Instead of plain wooden cabinets, get them a Locker and install it (keeping in mind it must compliment still the whole room)

Get imaginative, bring out your creative side and inner sports fan – all these combined will bring you lots of more ideas. Grab those materials and start changing a boring room into a sports-themed bedroom!

Weather Proof Your Home

Losing heat can be very expensive. So a relatively small investment of weatherproofing and/or insulation is definitely worth the trouble. Furthermore, it’s something the do-it-yourselfer can do safely. Usually, we give most of our attention and service to the furnace. It’s the proverbial squeaky door. If it’s not working or makes noises, you call someone immediately. But leaky windows, doors or even the attic go unattended. So you fix the furnace and give much of its energy to the atmosphere.

Where to start.


Insulation, or should I say lack of it is a serious problem but it’s not the place to start. Let’s talk about the doors and windows first. We know that 30 or 40% of your energy loss is caused by leaky windows and doors. You can start outside looking at joints where different materials meet, like where the siding meets the windows. Check existing caulking or weatherproofing. They deteriorate over time, especially in extreme weather. Shake the windows. If there is any kind of rattling that signals they are loose, there’s likely to be a leak. Do the first floor with a small ladder first. Upstairs, if you have one, needs more time and a bigger ladder. Skip it for now. As you go around the outside, use some kind of colored tape to mark what you’ve found. There are a lot of windows and you will forget. Get a caulking gun and be sure when you caulk that the caulking spans the gap between the materials so that there’s no exit possibility.


Inside, you can do all the windows. Very often, what you can’t get from outside, you can handle inside. Look for the same things inside. Caulk around loose windows and where there seem to leak. Frequently, on a cold day, you can literally feel where the cold air is coming in. Mark with tape and caulk. Most houses today have built-in storm windows. If you have an old house without them, that’s a very important and not insignificant expense. But that’s another topic.


The same is true about doors. Caulk around them but you have to consider that doors open and close so the bottoms and tops of doors have to be weather-stripped. Constant opening and closing of doors wear the weatherstripping down. It should be replaced periodically and that means taking the door off to reinstall stripping. If you’re not up for that right away, there are decorative strips you can put on the floor at the doors to keep the drafts out and heat escaping.

Electrical Outlets

One thing that’s ignored is the electrical outlets. Remove each of them and feel if any cold air is coming in. It’s obvious when you remove the cover if there’s a leak. Also, if you have window air conditioners, they should be removed in the winter. They are a constant source of leaks which you ignore in the summer. But in winter, they have a dramatic effect on energy loss. Another thing you can do is to measure the temperature in different parts of the house and different parts of a room. Much can be learned from that. Next time we’ll go into details about the more difficult weatherproofing tasks.