Don’t Bring Bedbugs Home from Your Vacation!

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Vacation time should be the time that you can relax and unwind. Unfortunately, bed bugs can be a serious concern for vacationers, as these tiny creatures are rampant in hotels today.

Here are some travel tips that can help you to prevent bed bugs.

Check hotel reviews

Check out the reviews of your hotel to see if anyone has reported bedbugs at this particular hotel. It’s important for you to know ahead of time because you can always choose to stay somewhere else! If you do still have to stay at that hotel, you can take plastic bags to seal your clothing in as well as other precautions to prevent bed bugs from hitching a ride home with you.

At your hotel

Once you do get to your hotel, do a room inspection to see if there are any dried blood spots on the bedding. Look at fabric on chairs, check the creases of the mattress, look at the headboard and in the drawers. Should you find any evidence at all of the bed bugs in your room, contact the management of the hotel as soon as possible. Insist that they give you another room that doesn’t border your current room on any side.

Once you do get in (and inspect your new room), unpack just the clothes that you’re going to wear, and put your shoes up off of the floor. Keep everything sealed safely in plastic bags to keep bed bugs from getting in.

At home

Once you’re home in Jersey City, look closely at everything for signs of bed bugs. Unpack your bags outside or in the garage to prevent bugs from coming into your home. Should you find bedbugs, wash everything in hot water or dry on the highest setting in your dryer for ten minutes.

With these simple tips, you can prevent bringing bed bugs home before you find yourself needing to bring in a pest control company when you get home!

This company is the one to call if you have a bed bug infestation in your home or business. Do not underestimate this pesky pest as they multiply fast. Request for a free quote today.