Ways to Design a Sports Themed Home

A big Fan of Sports? Why not bring your interest into your home and keep the spirit riding high! Dress your home to your liking! It may be your room, your kid’s room, a certain part of the house like the media room, or the whole house having a hint of Sports.

sports themed room

Have one specific sport as much as possible

There are a LOT of sports we can be fans of. But try picking one that really sticks to you and your heart – in this way we won’t clutter our home with sports memorabilia, team flags of different kinds, posters and more.

Now start getting your baseball bats, baseballs, Gloves or such and consider displaying them too in the room for a much realistic feel.

Pick a Team

This is one major thing, too. A sport has many teams and we always have that ONE team we’ve always been a BIG Fan of. And I’m sure, once you’re a Fan, you will be familiar with their memorabilia, and such. Start collecting things connected to that one team.

Consider Vintage Athletics

Sports have been present for a long long time now. You will be able to buy and gather some memorabilia that are from way back. A great find would be an old ticket to one of the vintage games! A touch of vintage in a home will always give that comforting, subtle feel.

Have a Sporty Feel at your Door!

You can add a Sport-Related Door Hanger, welcoming guests. Maybe a Baseball or Basketball themed? You can also put some signages with famous lines from your player that are welcoming or encouraging!

Dress your Stairs

Yes! You can add some Sport related signages, posters, stickers to each of your stair Riser which will give an Awesome look – it would also make that plain, boring stairs have some statement and stand out!

Have a Sporty Touch in your Living Room

How? With sports themed throw pillows! A plain Sofa with plain throw pillows may look too boring sometimes. Throw in some fun with throw pillows having the design of a number of your favorite layer, their logo, some printed quotes from the players, and a lot more relating to that one sport and team! Make sure to keep it uniform and complimenting with each other.


Yes! “Gym” Lockers.The ones our favorite players use. This is great, especially for a kid’s room. Instead of plain wooden cabinets, get them a Locker and install it (keeping in mind it must compliment still the whole room)

Get imaginative, bring out your creative side and inner sports fan – all these combined will bring you lots of more ideas. Grab those materials and start changing a boring room into a sports-themed bedroom!